tHe Spring Shopping Mall

More than just a shopping mall,
we create lively and memorable experiences.

Locate us

tHe Spring is also more than just a marketplace; we are a center of our local community.

Operation Hours

We open from 10am to 10pm daily,
7 days a week.

Major Events

Christmas Launch

Arrive into the tranquility of a winter journey lined with trees so white, wrapped in layers of stories untold and illuminated with the twinkling of ethereal lights.

H&M Opening

The wait was finally over with H&M throwing an exclusive VIP Party that was the envy of many. Their Grand Opening attracted a line of eager shoppers which began as early as 7am.

Zumba Blow Out

Over 320 participant attended tHe Spring Zumba Blow Out in the morning of 16th September 2014, in conjuction with the celebration of Malaysia Day.